1,200+ Hosta cultivars and hundreds of other types of beautiful Minnesota-hardy perennials. 

Burnsville, Minnesota

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Every plant we have has been carefully selected and maintained in our own private gardens... free of disease, and able to survive Minnesota's harsh environmental conditions!  



 What started as a hobby decades ago, has led to the creation of our massive private collection – with more than 30,000 plants spanning acres of gardens, at our home in Burnsville, MN!



We love shade gardening, and designing unique and tranquil paradises!

We are passionate about helping others become inspired and excited about Hostas! 

Please let us know how we can serve you!

Our First-Ever Plant Sale

Please email us to schedule a time to view our plants, if interested. Other than the 38 varieties mentioned above (which are available individually), we also have many other tested, tried, and true varieties available of Hostas, Daylilies, Perennial Geraniums, and a few other types of both sun and shade perennials (many of which are much less expensive than the VARIETIES listed above).

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Hosta Choice Gardens

hostachoice@gmail.com Burnsville, Minnesota (USA)


By Appointment Only

Please email us to schedule a time to discuss your needs, and tour our gardens.